| IN HOUSE Pre-Professional Program 

The House will focus on training dancers for all aspects of the professional dance industry. We offer pre-professional to professional level classes (ages 12 & up), which will include Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Tap, and Hip-Hop. Unique classes such as pilates, vocal, acting, audition prep courses, on-camera work, common practice for headshots, and personal branding. We will strive to create a space where dancers can feel like they are at home—a place where they will be free to express their artistic visions. We plan on having key leadership speakers and nutritionist to help develop strong mindset and intensions. For their parents and guardians, organization will be key to providing the best customer service and satisfaction. Our culture will foster strong communications between The House team and our dancers, as well as their parents, fostering long-lasting relationships.

The House will also build relationships with industry professionals and choreographers working in television, on Broadway or professional companies, and in Cirque Du Soleil. Because of this, when dancers graduate from our program, they will have more industry exposure than their peers at other studies. The House will mold students into intelligent artists in our community by encouraging them to be organized and professional on and off the dance floor. We will provide a healthy environment and a lifelong family.


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My self esteem has soared while developing my dance talent with dancers at The House. Emily is excellent always going above and beyond for the students. This years recital was equal to a Broadway production. I would highly reccommend The House for all ages…

Lucy Smith, Dance Company Here

I have met so many incredible dancers and grown so much in my short time at The House!

Andy Jones, My Business
Emily Lutes (Thompson)
Emily Lutes (Thompson)Owner/Director

Emily was born and raised in Southern California and competed as a competitive dancer for 12 years. She graduated from The University of Arizona in 2013 with her BFA in Dance and currently lives in Los Angeles dancing for Go 2 Talent Agency (GTA).

When Emily was 16 years old, she began touring with Tremaine Dance Convention as an assistant, traveling all across the United States. To further her studies, she trained in Chicago with River North Dance Company. She has worked with numerous choreographers including, Bryan Tanaka, Dominique Kelley, Ashley Everette, Gustavo Vargas, Mark Meismer, Joe Tremaine, Desiree Robbins, Zach Woodlee (Choreographer from Glee), Spencer Liff (Musical Theatre Choreographer from “So You Think You Can Dance”), Keri LaGrand, Sam Watson, Michael Williams, and Miki Orihara (Martha Graham principle dancer).

Emily was amongst the first girls to tour with Mariah Carey in her All I Want For Christmas Worldwide Tour in 2017. In addition to live performances, she has performed with Seamless Dance Theatre in Kansas City, Missouri, directed by Erin Lustig; and danced in Dee Caspary’s Nvitational in a piece called “In This Shirt”, choreographed by Keri LaGrand, dancing along side Meghan Sanett and Tiffany Maher.

Furthermore, Emily was a stunt double on NBC’s new show “Reverie”, as well as danced in commercials on Disney Channel for a Nintendo N-R-G game, choreographed by Zack Woodlee and featured in a Metrolink Commercial. She was also featured in a promo for “American Horror Stories” and filmed music videos such as “Breakfast Can Wait” by Prince and “Little Bit Louder” by Radical Something. In addition to television work, she was a fitness performer for BeFit Fitness, produced by Cal Pozo. Lastly, Emily has had the opportunity to work on green-screen as a pointe dancer for Paintscaping Productions.

As an artist and teacher, Emily’s primary goal is to invoke, inspire, and create a truly visceral experience. She hopes to learn more about herself and whom she is becoming by taking as many opportunities that come her way while sharing her experience with all aspiring dancers!


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